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Screen Play

an exhibition created by MCA Denver's Teen Program: Failure Lab

with artist Shayna Cohn

MCA Denver's Teen Program: Failure Lab worked closely with artist Shayna Cohn in an intensive eight-week workshop to create an installation that manifests the physicality of the digital image through a playful, humorous, and crude material interpretation. The screen has captivated us with its luminous surface and imagined tactility. Fractured and incongruent imagery is recombined into an immersive environment where the gaze is shifted from the flatness of the screen to a curved and sensual scene. Transcending its boundaries as a moving image, the video becomes sculptural; it's caught on shiny, slippery, and flickering surfaces, simulating the infinite yet shallow expanse of the screen. Video content is appropriated from the public domain and then merged with content created uniquely by each Failure Lab teen. The ambiguous relationship between the found and created reflects the contemporary notion of consumption as authorship. Below the hyper-connected continuum of "sharing" is a deeply profound expression of community, style, and identity. 

2015-2016 Failure Lab Interns

Kira Breland 

Allison Dennis

Kellehanna E'Shawn

Rowen Griffith

Lucy Hsaio

Jolie Klefeker

Hidai Olivas

Joseph Quinto

Karen Rojas

Sandisz Thieme

Emily Trautwein

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